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Wedding Car Hire Mablethorpe

Cars for Stars« (Lincoln) is a local company providing wedding car hire services in Mablethorpe and the surrounding area under licence from Cars for Stars Limited. Through this licensing arrangement, Cars for Stars« provide a national service with local representation and knowledge. This can be an important facet when you are considering which company to entrust your wedding transportation arrangements to.

Clearly of equal importance is the fact that the business is run by an independent operator with an intimate local knowledge who has the ability, motivation and autonomy to provide a tailored and personal service, without the limitations often imposed by remote managers. This type of arrangement ensures that our customers receive the best of both worlds!

We can provide wedding transport which includes modern chauffeur driven cars or, if you prefer, the very latest model American stretched limousines in a choice of colours. We are flexible enough to be able deliver what you want on your day, be it special ribbons, fresh flowers, a red carpet or something a little more specific or personal to the bride or groom. Why not take a look at our Limousine Gallery?

By utilising a network of this type, with notice, it is often possible to provide our customers with virtually any limousine or car to suit the theme of the wedding. If we cannot offer a viable solution, we will be honest enough to say so, we will not try to be something that we plainly are not. In summary, we offer a local service whilst having the added benefit of being able to look to our network for support, back up and contingency planning. Few, if any wedding car hire companies can provide this level of assurance.

You can hire our limousines and chauffeur cars for a few hours, a day or even longer. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a consistent but flexible service with top quality vehicles. No two wedding hires are the same and we appreciate that fact, so we will never attempt to pigeon hole you with a 'standard package' designed to suit our needs rather than yours. We have learnt through experience, that the more time spent listening, on planning and preparation, the more likely the our customers will receive what they want from their wedding transport. We want you to make the most of your wedding cars, so we take our time to record and confirm your instructions at the early stages, this helps us to tailor your day the way you want it. We will never forget that it is your day! More pictures......

It takes around 3 hours to prepare a vehicle for wedding hire, this includes cleaning the interior, washing and polishing the exterior and of course, dressing the vehicle. Therefore, allowing for an hour or so to reach the collection point, even a 3 hour hire, requires the car to be available for some 7 hours, which is worth remembering when you receive a final proposal.

Our customers can rest assured that our limousines and chauffeur driven cars are insured by a reputable 'private hire' insurer that specialises in this area. In addition to the vehicle cover we also have full public liability insurance.

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